Spy Watchdog Spy App Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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How Spy Watchdog works

Uses of Spy Watchdog

Spy Watchdog app is a user friendly app that can be used for Baby Monitoring, Home or Office Surveillance.

Is it possible to use Spy Watchdog app for?

Baby Monitor -

Make sure your baby gets all the attention when needed. A Mother can watch over her baby from another room, kitchen or may be from office, when baby is sleeping. System will send you buzzer alerts when baby cries. You can also use this to monitor elderly people at home need monitoring.

Property Surveillance -

It also serves the purpose of security camera. Start Spy Watchdog in capture mode and place it somewhere in your house before leaving, and get rid of all the worries about security.

Pet Monitor -

Never be tensed while leaving your pet unattended. Monitor the activity of your pup, cat remotely.

Spy Watchdog Setup

Spy Watchdog app compatible with which device?

Spy Watchdog app is compatible with almost every Android 2.3 and above device including Smartphones, Tablets, and Mini TV Box.

What are the minimum specifications needed for Spy Watchdog app?

Android OS 2.3

In how many devices can I set up Spy Watchdog app?

There is no limit on the number of devices per user. You just need to sign up once and login on any number devices with same user credentials.

Is Spy Watchdog app available on Apple iphones/ ipads?

No, right now we don't support Apple iphone/ipad. Stay connected for the updates on the same.

Spy Watchdog Purchase and Maintenance

Do I need to pay to download the app to be able to use it?

No, Spy Watchdog is a free application.

Would using Spy Watchdog drain my phone battery quickly?

Certain tests have shown an average use of battery. On devices like Nexus 7, it has worked for more than 8 hours with a single charge. You can Lock the screen and save more battery power. Also high interval of capture and monitor will save the power.

Will Spy Watchdog app work over 3G?

Yes, Spy Watchdog works on 2G and 3G both.

Will Spy Watchdog operate only on high speed Wi-Fi?

No, it works on slow networks too, as we are not streaming videos it needs lesser bandwidth, but yes it works better on high speed connection.

Is there any possibility of interference of live video streaming over Spy Watchdog app with my Wi-Fi internet connection?

It uses very less bandwidth, so chances of effecting WiFi are rare.

I have read that the remote audio/image streaming is now unlimited. Is that correct?


I have other questions not covered here, how do I contact someone?

Feel free to contact us at spywatchdog@paxcel.net or send us your query via this form at Spy Watchdog. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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